Varsity Noir

By seashells

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Varsity Noir: The vibe of this piece was to create a simple yet detailed version of a Varsity jacket. Acknowledging that people probably don’t need anything especially in these strange time presented a challenge. The challenge was that if someone could only have one Varsity jacket for the rest of their life what would that look like. Elements were chosen for this jacket that would age gracefully. The contrast letters, lambs leather, black on black chenille letters, shawl collar and simple white embroidery.

It is always a pleasure to work with other creative professionals and this season FW21 was no different. Jesse Mills, Brand Architect, experienced champagne toaster etc served a quick example on how transitional “Varsity Noir” is. Stay connected with us on IG and facebook. We’re back in the lab. See you soon. Stay inspired.

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