FW 21 Varsity Jacket

Introducing our Varsity Jacket for F/W 21. I’ve always said that I would make everything I ever wanted. This jacket means just as much to us as our first bow tie. This jacket has so much put in to it and I would feel it a disservice if I didn’t share. First, this was supposed […]

All The Brilliant Things

All The Brilliant Things by Skyzoo is one of the most impressive art pieces that I have seen in a while. This body of work intricately describes his tenure and birthplace in Brooklyn while updating you like the evening news on current happenings. I know Skyzoo has been described as being too much to follow […]

Nose and Ear

Fellas, I know we may not be visiting the groomer as much these days but this is a must have in your arsenal. I know this can be a little disgusting but it’s a necessary evil. This little doohickey will keep you looking your best and well manicured in between visits. Your nose hairs do […]

New Normal

Well, well…..I don’t even know where to begin. In this midst of the crazy pandemic where do we find normalcy. I can’t lie as I believe we all have struggled a little through it but there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Creativity and Content have provided the best escape for us. […]

Full Vision

When we started developing this program “Tennis” we wanted to really go in depth into our love for the sport. We gathered inspiration from several sources that we will not name. The “Tennis” program means so much to us from a historical standpoint. We’ll look back on this as one of our best collections. Joe […]

Bitter and Sweet

It was “Bitter and Sweet” watching this match. Venus, the more senior champion, and the newcomer 15 year old Cori (CoCo) competing against each other. CoCo reminded me so much of a younger Venus. I know it is the passing of the torch but I’m not ready to see Venus on the back nine of […]

“Tennis” SS/19

Tennis is a fabulous sport and if you get into it you just might like it. There is a great channel, “Tennis” channel that is your go to. Learning the scoring system and rules is not that difficult. We were inspired by one of our favorite sports “Tennis” for our Spring/ Summer 19 offering. We […]

Green Box Logo 5 panel

Our Signature green box logo 5 panel hat just in time for the summer. We made these in two colors: navy and khaki. We wanted to keep it simple with the branding but super cool with a nice 5 panel hat. We have some other tricks up our sleeves for the summer. Check back often […]

The Making of the American Dream

The audacity of me to think I can make an easily recognizable global brand, which seems to most, far-fetched. To me it was just the culmination of hard work and getting it out the mud. In the midst of all of the negatives that the fashion industry can convey I stand here in an unabated […]

Formal Season is Upon Us

Just in time for the Formal season we release our formal Bow ties. Two of the most iconic fabrics of all time. We just wanted to update the formal Bow Tie a little. Our rendition has flatter wings and gives us vibes of Formal Hollywood. Preferably worn with a Dinner jacket or Tuxedo. We would […]