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Lifshitz Move

So by now if you follow Ralph Lauren you may have seen the Morehouse and Spelman collection. I have added my two cents to the “move” on the “Inspired by Life, Art & Dreams” podcast. This is more than a surface level opinion. My intention was to give a business assessment of the collection. In […]

Varsity Noir

Varsity Noir: The vibe of this piece was to create a simple yet detailed version of a Varsity jacket. Acknowledging that people probably don’t need anything especially in these strange time presented a challenge. The challenge was that if someone could only have one Varsity jacket for the rest of their life what would that […]

Burning Jerseys

This podcast episode is not for imaginary players. Don’t laugh. This is only for the official ones. LOL. This episode deals with staying attached to a team too long. In certain instances when the fans are upset about a particular player leaving a team they will burn that players’ jersey. Well I’m dealing with burning […]

FW 21 Varsity Jacket

Introducing our Varsity Jacket for F/W 21. I’ve always said that I would make everything I ever wanted. This jacket means just as much to us as our first bow tie. This jacket has so much put in to it and I would feel it a disservice if I didn’t share. First, this was supposed […]