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Introducing our Varsity Jacket for F/W 21. I’ve always said that I would make everything I ever wanted. This jacket means just as much to us as our first bow tie. This jacket has so much put in to it and I would feel it a disservice if I didn’t share. First, this was supposed to drop last year on what would have been the 100th year anniversary of the Negroe League. The thought process was to envision what kind of classic Varsity jacket would have been in the dugout or in the stands.

Secondly, the issue was not to make it too loud so that an older gentleman could wear this jacket without trying to look youthful. Herein lies the challenge. So on one hand you have the pressure of making “another Varsity jacket” or another clothing item that no one needs while at the same time trying to cut through the clutter. Today’s customer is oversold, overmarketed to and oftentimes over stimulated with the number of pings one receives daily. So with a mild design in mind I set out to make a “new classic” that didn’t forsake details.

Lastly, I wanted to make this a “Family and Friends” exclusive. There are so many people that have supported and continue to support that make this a reality I wanted to reward them with a beautiful “art piece” as one of my peeps said. I can go on and on but I will stop here for now. In my most appreciative posture and tone I say “Thank You”.


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