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Expensive Ego

In this Episode we take a dive into what an ego can cost you. The challenge here is for you to take inventory of your ego and see if you are guilty of some of the things addressed. If not, great for you, if this applies to you just do better. Let go. Stay inspired. […]

Burning Jerseys

This podcast episode is not for imaginary players. Don’t laugh. This is only for the official ones. LOL. This episode deals with staying attached to a team too long. In certain instances when the fans are upset about a particular player leaving a team they will burn that players’ jersey. Well I’m dealing with burning […]

Respect My Engagement

In this episode we discuss how your engagement with brands, social media, television, emails etc are monetized. It may seem like a harmless thing but I believe you have a ton of power in your engagement. I try to explain how your “harmless” like or view is being monetized without you knowing it. In the […]

Flip the Script to Success

In this episode we discuss defining success in your own terms. I found this to be extremely helpful with stress levels, actually realizing that you are already successful. Take a listen and tell us what you think.

No I in Team

We discuss in this episode the importance of a team. Noone can do it by themselves. You need a great team!